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At Vineland Physiotherapy it is our mission to provide a service that treats patients as individuals and assists them in reaching their own personal goals.

Our philosophy of care centres on promotion of active, pain-free movement. Our slogan, “Move your body, live your life” sums up our objective for each patient.

We serve a broad range of ages in our patients. As the clinic is located near a retirement community, we treat many seniors. We also treat a lot of young and middle-aged athletes because of our reputation for success in sports medicine.

Whatever the age, our goal is to help all patients get back to living life to their maximum potential and capability.

Our ground floor clinic in Heritage Square is wheelchair accessible and there is plenty of free parking.

We offer flexible appointment times to meet the majority of schedules.

Gail Harris

Gail Harris
- Physiotherapist, Clinic Owner

A desire to help people and a love for the science of movement prompted Gail Harris to become a physiotherapist.

In 2017 she brought her 22 years of experience and knowledge in her field to Vineland, Ontario to assume the practice of Vineland Physiotherapy.

Gail graduated from the University of Western Ontario with a Bachelor of Kinesiology and then went on to obtain her Bachelor of Health, Science and Physical Therapy from McMaster University.

She completed post-graduate coursework in Manipulative Physiotherapy under the orthopedic division of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association (CPA) to enhance her manual therapy skills.

She became a Certified Administrator of Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE) in order to assist clients and third party payers to determine physical and functional capabilities relating to their activities of daily living and their work performance.

As well, Gail is an Independent Medical Examiner and an examiner with the Canadian Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulators.  Additionally, she was a clinical reviewer of marketed physiotherapy website content and articles with www.Patientsites.com.

Gail was the owner and director of Westmount Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation in Hamilton, Ont. from 2004 to 2014. Between 2014 and 2017, she continued to work in the private physiotherapy sector in Barrie to be near her friends and family.

She has now chosen to continue her rewarding physiotherapy career in the Niagara region and is excited to be in the area and to transition into her new role as owner or Vineland Physiotherapy.

Gail attends courses and studies methods to keep up to date with current advancements in her field, allowing for continued improvements to her business and physiotherapy care.

David Rossodivita

David Rossodivita
- Office Manager, Physiotherapy Assistant

With over 10 years experience, David is the Office Manager and Physiotherapy Assistant that makes sure everyone receives the best care from the time a patient walks into the clinic, until the day they’re discharged.

Outside of the clinic, David enjoys spending time with his wife, crafting, reading, exercising and hiking.  Him and his wife also enjoy spending time with their two Sphynx cats, Fiona and Jasmine.


Laura Lucchesi

Laura Lucchesi
- Administrative Assistant

Laura is a part time Administrative Assistant at Vineland Physiotherapy. She is one of the first people you will meet upon arriving at the clinic and will assist you will completing and processing paperwork.

Laura and her family moved from Mississauga to Vineland one year ago. She retired from the dental profession after 35 years in which she was employed initially as a dental hygienist and then as an office dental hygiene coordinator. She is excited about working in a different environment, meeting clients and learning new skills.

In her spare time Laura enjoys, spending time with friends, tasting a local wine and walking the family dog.

She looks forward to meeting you!


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